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The announcement of the 2022 Pulitzer Prizes was held in May. The Pulitzer Prizes are considered the Oscars for journalists; it is the top prize and even being named a finalist is prestigious. For this assignment, you will learn about the Pulitzers and comment on one of the stories.
Listen to the announcement video (it starts at 14:00), at least through the journalism awards (about 12 minutes). What organizations won the Pulitzer prizes this year? I don’t want you to give me a list, but see who the winners are and who won more than one award. Are there any common topics among the winners?
Learn about the history of the Pulitzers from their website. Write at least three paragraphs over the history: who are the prizes named after? What are some of the interesting facts about the Pulitzer prizes through time? What are some of the controversies?
What are the most interesting categories to you? Why?
Read one of the winning articles and comment on it.
Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1000.