Additionally, discuss two ways you do not relate to this audience.

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address the following points:
“While race, ethnicity, and culture may be relatively visible aspects of diversity, there are many other aspects that are less obvious, so your audience is often more diverse than you might initially think” (Stand up, Speak out, 2011). In your opinion, why is audience analysis important? What is the risk of speaking to an audience without having conducted audience analysis first?
Though our class does not meet face-to-face, there is a lot that we can learn about our audience. Examine the CCCOnline infographic from 2017. Discuss two ways that you personally relate to the CCCOnline audience. Additionally, discuss two ways you do not relate to this audience. Does this infographic or any of the readings or exploration resources change the way that you envision communicating with this audience?
Has your perception of this audience changed? Provide specific examples to support your ideas. Wendy LeBorgne’s TED Talk on vocal explains how our voice shapes our communication image (2018). What do you communicate about your identity through your voice, such as your age or socio-economic status? How does culture inform the way that you speak? Ask a friend or family member for their perception of what your voice communicates. Share their findings with the class and whether or not you agree with their perceptions. Use specific examples to illustrate.
In his TED Talk, “The 110 techniques of communication and public speaking,” David Phillips shares his analysis of thousands of speeches (2019). Reflect on what you’ve learned so far and identify one aspect of verbal or nonverbal communication that you would personally like to work on throughout this class. What would you like to work on, why did you choose to work on it and how will you work on it? Use specific examples to illustrate.

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