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This is your first writing assignment. Here we are going to write a biography of one of the famous/greatest inventor in the history, “Thomas A. Edison”.
In this assignment you have to find the information about Thomas A. Edison. You may read news articles, online articles, books, watch videos, etc. to gather information. You can use followings as a guideline.
place of birth, date and location of residences
educational background
professional experience
area of expertise
major achievements
impact on society
Then write biography of Thomas A. Edison (750-1000 words)
Page formatting should be as follows.
Font: 12 pt Times New Roman.
Page margins: 1 inch each side
Spacing: double line
Title page: Topic, your name, student number and date
References : Any standard style
You cannot use someone else’s work as your own work. Read the “Plagiarism” section of the syllabus.

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