Organize your argument within 800 words.

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Write a single-spaced, 800-word paper on Isabella Bird’s Unbeaten Tracks in Japan in relation to the analytical concepts that Pratt introduces in her Imperial Eyes, such as “contact zone.” First, explain these concepts, and then, discuss how these concepts can be applied to the analysis of Bird’s observations of Japan. When you write your paper, pay attention to the following: Your paper should not be simple summaries of the readings. It must have an argument Use concrete examples to support your argument. Organize your argument within 800 words. A significantly longer or shorter paper will be marked down. Remember that one important purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that you did the readings, attended the lecture, participated in class discussion, and successfully synthesized the information thus acquired into your argument. Use Times New Roman font, point size 12, and proper margins. Save your essay as a Word file (no PDF files, please). The due date is September 23. Make sure to upload it to Blackboard by the end of the day. It is possible to earn 100 points for this assignment. An A-level paper must demonstrate: Accurate understanding of the analytical concepts dealt with in class Accurate understanding of Bird’s reading within its historical context Proper application of the analytical concepts to Bird’s reading Original and well-grounded discussion of the source Clear organization

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