Expand this idea by sharing examples from your own experience or readings, sugge

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Expand this idea by sharing examples from your own
experience or readings, suggesting outside resources to support the topic,
and/or asking furthering questions to dig deeper into the topic.
more than 1 – 2 sentences.
you refer to a website or article, be sure to cite it in APA format.
This prevents plagiarism and allows your fellow students to review the
cites and increase the class knowledge base.
The human body is made up of a lot of microbial cells,
including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Some scientific studies have
indicated that there are more microbial cells in the human body than the human
boy cells. Most of these microbial cells are found in the human gut. Some of
the microbial cells are advantageous to the body, and some are disastrous. The
disastrous ones cause diseases like obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular
disease, diabetes, and cancer. I will base my focus on analyzing how obesity is
impacted by gut microbiota.
Bacteria in the gut are not only used for digestion but also
affect nutrient acquisition and energy regulation. Regulation of energy intake,
expenditure, and storage is key in either causing or limiting obesity in
individuals (Ding et al., 2019). Scientific studies show that metabolic
activities of the gut microbiota are essential in energy extraction from food.
The extracted energy is stored for later use. Individuals that have many gut
microbiomes extract more energy and fat from foods. These fats accumulate in
the body leading to such individuals becoming heavyweight. On the contrary, few
gut microbial composition in the boy leads to few fats accumulating in the
body. A move that is essential in maintaining favorable body weight (Ding et
al., 2019).
I believe that the assertions that bacteria in the gut are
essential in the development of obesity are true. This is because obesity is
often associated with the amount of fat that individuals have accumulated in
the body. And this fat often comes from the type of food that individuals take.
This knowledge can be used to regulate the type of food intake so as to control
obesity. Also, the information can be key in inquiring more about the gut
microbial we have in our bodies. Modifying gut microbiota can be key in
limiting our chances of becoming obese. As such, we can help those we love to
seek medical advice about gut microbiota to control their chances of developing
Ding, R-X., Goh, W-R., Wu, R-N., Yue, X. , Luo, X., Thwe
Khine, W. W., … Lee, Y-K. (2019). Revisit gut microbiota and its impact on
human health and disease. Journal of Food & Drug Analysis, 27(3), 623-631.

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