Respond to the below: Margaret Stewart 5/24/22, 10:14 AM There are many differen

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Respond to the below:
Margaret Stewart
5/24/22, 10:14 AM
There are many different symptoms of conflict and resistance in organizations. The text explains how the signs of conflict can be difficult to detect and understand, since they can be either obvious or covert and hidden. Symptoms can be active and may include arguing or threatening and accusing, or they can be passive and may include procrastinating or withholding information. This resistance, as well as the change, can come from employees, middle managers, or upper-level leadership, impacting the whole organization.
Resistance and conflicts can impede organizational change and can damage performance. One of the biggest disadvantages of resistance is how much it may slow down the change. This can then lead to a delay in future changes that may be necessary in the organization. In a study done by Lester Coch and John R.P. French Jr., they found that resistance began at almost the same time as the change began. 17% of the employees quit in the first 40 days, demonstrating that resistance may also increase employee turnover rates.
Resistance and conflict can also be used to help create change. It may help prevent the implementation of weak ideas and ineffective proposals. Additionally, those who resist often provide feedback on what is being proposed, at the same time providing insight on what could be improved.
Lawrence, P. R. (2014, August 1). How to deal with resistance to change. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved May 23, 2022, from

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