Assignment Content Take the fake news quiz from

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Assignment Content
Take the fake news quiz from a record of your quiz score which will show at the end of the quiz.
After taking the quiz, have two people from a different generation than your own (for example: 2000-present – Generation Z, 1980-2000 – Millennials, 1965-1979 – Generation Y, 1946-1964 – Baby Boomers) take the same quiz on 6
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. Keep a record of their percentages. Compare the three percentages and create a chart with this data.
You will write a two-page essay comparing who is more likely to believe fake news, reference your chart as well as outside sources. You are to discuss the different reasons for why people are susceptible to believing fake news, including, but not limited to, media literacy and personal bias. Discuss the responsibilities of providing accurate information. You need to provide at least 2 reputable sources for your claims.
TipsDO NOT copy and paste in this paper. Use your own words. If you want to quote a small portion of a source, you may do so, but be sure to reference it correctly.
How to Create a Bar Chart
You must have Microsoft Word installed on your computer.
Create a New document, then click on “Insert” (3rd tab from the left).
Click on “Chart.” This will give you several options. Click on “Bar” and use the first chart sample on the left.
You will then enter the population data that you gathered, along with the numbers that go with each variable.
Name your bar chart at the top.
You can also use Excel or Google Sheets to create your bar chart.
Note – No Bar Chart Option?
Some versions of Microsoft Office 365 do not include the bar chart as an option in Microsoft Word. If your system does not have the bar chart option, you may substitute the “Column” chart.

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