Must include: 3 sources including Bergen, “War and Genocide” and at least 1 prim

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Must include: 3 sources including Bergen, “War and Genocide” and at least 1 primary source
Deadline: Thursday of finals week (June 9, 2022)
All papers should include MLA parenthetical citations & a works cited page or use Chicago Manual of Style with footnotes. Citation guide online:
Write an essay including these elements:
1) description of the resistance event or person you chose to research and analyze;
2) define the form of resistance (e.g., armed resistance, spiritual resistance, etc.);
3) articulate an argument about the significance of the act or acts of resistance (or rescue);
4) substantiate with examples the significance of the resistance;
5) use primary and secondary sources to provide different viewpoints;
6) contextualize resistance or rescue example within in time and place.
For Liberal Studies credit, students need to demonstrate these outcomes:
a depth and breadth of historical knowledge of specified content: explain historical developments in terms of continuity and change; describe the relevant political, economic, social or cultural contexts of historical events and developments; explain how people have lived, acted and thought in one or more particular historical periods;
historical skills: analyze and evaluate primary and secondary sources; differentiate between historical facts and historical interpretations; articulate an historical argument; support an interpretation with evidence from primary and secondary sources
historical thinking: articulate how geography and regional differences affect the past; interpret the complexity and diversity among issues, events, and ideas of the past; distinguish among multiple perspectives that shape interpretations of the past; use the categories of race, gender, class, ethnicity, region, and religion to analyze historical events and developments
communicate with written work that expresses historical knowledge, historical skills, and historical thinking.

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