Page 171 Part Three of A Quality of Light and do a close reading in the same way

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Page 171
Part Three of A Quality of Light and do a close reading in the same way as we have been practicing.
the length of the passage should be no less than one page (of the novel) and no more than two pages
using the pdf copy of the novel, copy and paste your selection into a Google doc
be sure to include the page numbers (of the pdf) in your Google doc
NB: the page numbers of the physical novel do not line up with the page numbers of the pdf
use the highlighting feature in Google Doc to identify and colour code each of the elements and devices
use a different example for each literary device and literary lens i.e. do not analyze the same example using two different elements or lenses
find examples of five literary elements from the list below
identify the element
explain why you think your example is that element (definitions are helpful with this)
analyze – endeavour to answer as many of the following questions as possible
How do the literary elements in this text work together to create meaning?
How is the text interconnected?
How do literary devices contribute to the meaning of the text?
How does the form relate to its content?
your choice of:
connotation of significant word choice
figurative and/or literal meaning
development of theme
Difference between topic and theme:
e.g. “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” – the topic is ‘lying’; the theme is ‘lying has its consequences’
development of character (Joshua or Johnny)
development of motif
find examples of any two of the following literary lenses and analyze
Biographical Criticism
Historical Criticism
Psycho-Analytical Criticism
Post Colonial Criticism
review the PowerPoint on Literary Lenses
use the recurring questions (from the PowerPoint) to shape your analysis of each

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