Lectures notes and readings are uploaded. A: Please select four of the following

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Lectures notes and readings are uploaded.
A: Please select four of the following terms
and write a brief essay (point form will not be accepted) on each term. Each response
should identify the term, place the term in its appropriate context, and
describe the relevancy of the term. Please make sure that each response answers
what, when, where, who, why, how, and significance of the selected term.
slavery Franklin
D. Roosevelt Luddites
Karl Marx John
Kay’s flying shuttle mercantilism
Winnipeg General Strike power Henry Ford
Triangle Factory Fire politics of
representation agrarian capitalism
B: Please select one of the following essay
questions. Do not forget to support your essay with information from lectures,
course readings, and online discussions.
1. 1. Broadly conceived, we presently
live in a world dominated by unequal power relationships. How was this society
created, who was complicit in its formation, who continues to perpetuate it in
the present, and how can we use social theories to articulate this information
to individuals who are not enrolled in our course?
2. 2. The industrial revolution
undeniably changed the lives of workers and how they conceptualized the act of
“making a living.” If this is in fact true, please explain how the industrial
revolution emerged, as well as the ways in which it changed the lives of the
3. 3. Over the
past 200 years, the owners of capital and the proletariat have constantly been
at odds with one another. How did these conflicts emerge, what were the end
results, and who would you ultimately declare to be the winner, and why?
Alternatively, does the struggle continue and if so, how can it be resolved?

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