Assignment Overview: The projects you will be completing address the information

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Assignment Overview:
The projects you will be completing address the information literacy and oral communications competency objectives that are stated on your course outline. As part of your effort to begin developing your critical thinking skills, you will learn how to gather information, summarize and identify key points, distinguish fact from opinion, raise questions and form a personal perspective regarding a disease.
Developing a Topic: Select a topic related to an anatomy/pathophysiology issue. Do some brainstorming on your possible choices. Choose something interesting to you that you would like to research (for the example-any genetic disorder). OR, choose any Chronic Diseases that affect a wide range of individuals and have a wider range of signs and symptoms.
Once you finalize your topic, you will need to conduct research on your own to find the information needed about that disease.
Your paper should include the following aspects of the disease:
Introduction-Discuss the disease in general (the organ/organ systems involved, causes, risk factors, geographical distribution, the population affected, etc.)
How the disease is diagnosed? Any Diagnostic/Laboratory test advised for diagnosis?
Possible signs, symptoms, and complications of the disease.
Treatment and management of the disease. Any recent advancements in the field of treatment for the disease.
Conclusion- How does the disease affect the daily lifestyle of an individual? How could you apply your research information/findings to your personal and professional life?
Your paper should be 3-4 pages, double spaced, typed in Times New Roman font.
REFERENCE PAGE: In addition to your original paper, you must attach a ‘Work Cited’ or ‘Reference’ page where you will need to provide a list of at least three sources which include authentic books, journal articles, magazines, or newspaper articles. You must correctly cite all sources according to APA research Guidelines.
Grading Rubric for Assignments
Criteria Ratings Pts
WO: Organization and clarity of thought (15%)
view longer description
/ 15 pts
AC: Accuracy of Content (70%)
view longer description
/ 70 pts
WR: Writing mechanics (15%)
view longer description
/ 15 pts
Total Points: 0
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