I would prefer there be no websites used as sources. I need formal and trustwort

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I would prefer there be no websites used as sources. I need formal and trustworthy sources from trustworthy people who specialize in what they do. APA 7th edition and 8 pages of writing are required. The 8 pages do not include the two pages for the cover letter and reference pageI would like a research paper about how factory farms are harmful and unethical. I would like a brief summary of how we got from the family farms out in the country to the dark and depressing factory farms of today. More importantly, the paper is about the issues that CAFOs cause. They affect family farms, consumers, and even those who don’t touch meat. Environmental health is at stake. Climate change, deforestation, water crises, air pollution, and biodiversity loss are only a few issues affected by factory farming. The paper needs to be a minimum of 8 pages of writing in APA format (seventh edition). At least 8 sources need to be used, and at least five of them need to be peer-reviewed journals. EbscoHost and google scholar are probably the best databases. I mainly need help finding reliable sources and formatting the paper correctly. Here are the specific requirements. If you look at the instructions, I mainly need you to focus on the last step, which is writing the paper.
Example Research Questions:
How factory farms are harmful and unethical, and why does it matter?
Are vegetarians healthier than consumers of factory farm meat?
What are the major reasons why factory farms are harmful and unethical?
How is environmental health related to factory farms?
I tried attaching a screenshot of specific requirements
I would prefer sources be from 2019 or later. The more recent, the better.
Look at files for more instructions. It would be nice if the sources were ones I am able to access if needed

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