1. it is a collection of essays from popular media (newspapers, long form journa

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1. it is a collection of essays from popular media (newspapers, long form journalism, think tanks) that discuss a media industry, genre, platform, media practice, and/or problem with the media, What I am looking for is a sustained discussion in the media about an issue of concern about the media. At a minimum you should provide three essays about the media discussing the same media problem, platform, etc. If you liked one of the topics in the first section of the class, you can use that topic but not the articles. 2) Find one academic article (use communication and mass media complete or another index, for example the Sage publications index) in the main library. The point is that you have to find an academic source talking about the same topic.What you want to focus on are any concepts that the academic article thinks is important (for example, an article about twitter bots might focus on how often they spread false claims about important issues (climate denial is one kind of false claim discussed in one article). The point is to try to figure out how the article was able to explain its findings and how that explanation might be useful for saying something about your popular press articles. 3) you write a paper; The paper is closer to 750 to 1000 words. The paper has three parts: 1) it describes or summarizes the main points about your topic in the popular press. what do they talk about when they talk about your media topic? What do they think is important? 2) integrate the findings of the academic article. How does the academic article support or challenge or provide a different way to think about the media topic being discussed by your media sources. Bonus points if you can weave in something from the Couldry book, as well. 3) Make a judgement (positively or negatively) about how the media issue of concern constructs the world we live in? how might the issue harm our world, how might it make our world better? is it doing both? Finally, how might your evaluation support or challenge or nuance the popular, academic, (including Couldry) interpretations of the situation.
You should put your portfolio (the media articles, the academic articles, and your short analysis) in a google folder and submit it to google drive sharing the folder with me

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