Research Paper (35%): 5-7 page analysis of any assigned primary text from the c

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Research Paper (35%): 5-7 page analysis of any assigned primary text from the class using academic research/secondary sources to support your argument. You may use a text not included on the class list, as long as you receive approval from me. A minimum of 5 scholarly, academic sources must be used for research purposes. Use literary sources from humanities and literature databases on the PSU website. You must use MLA format (see OWL Purdue website) and include a works cited page to document your research; in-text citations must be given throughout your paper. Times New Roman, double spaced, 12 point font required. Avoid simply relying on the research to make your point for you; rather, research should be used solely to support your argument, not the other way around. Do not use online or otherwise non-academic sources such as Wikipedia, etc. If you do use online sources, they must be legitimate, academic sites affiliated with a university or governmental organization (e.g., .edu or .gov sites only). Failure to use or cite research will result in a low grade. NOTE: The research paper will serve as your final exam and will be due on our scheduled exam date. Please see OWL Purdue for MLA formatting information and examples here. Please make use of office hours for review, discussion, and brainstorming.
ok ok this is good! But you also have way too much. My recommendation is to pick two of these texts and then do a comparative analysis. Be sure to cite specific examples from the main text and include relevant research to support your argument.
FYI in “Latinx Teens,” there is a section on On My Block. The PSU library has the ebook. (Professors feedback on outline)

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