Q#1 is worth 100 points (50 points for each A & B) 1. Cecily is a student wit

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Q#1 is worth 100 points (50 points for each A & B) 1. Cecily is a student with a hearing impairment in Ms. Boyd’s U.S. History class. Cecily is failing history because the tests are based mainly on the textbook, and she has trouble picking out the main ideas in the text and understanding important vocabulary words. Cecily can read most of the words in the text, but she reads very slowly, word for word. Last week, she was assigned a chapter to read for homework. She spent almost two hours reading 15 pages, and when she was done, she couldn’t remember what she had read. The keywords are highlighted, but Cecily can’t figure them out from the context and doesn’t know how to use the glossary. Questions:
A. Name at least two differentiation strategies Ms. Boyd can use to help students like Cecily read and remember key ideas in the textbook? Explain why you select these strategies?
B. What differentiation strategies can Ms. Boyd use to help Cicely understand new vocabulary words?
Q #2 is worth 100 points (no more than 3 paragraphs – short and to your point) 2. Over the past week, and today in the NYTimes, Mayor Adams and Chancellor Banks have been rolling out a program to address students with dyslexia in the NYC public schools. Based on our conversations this semester, write a letter to one or both on your support of the idea or why you do not agree.

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