Interpersonal Communication Action Plan please make sure you read to the bottom

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Interpersonal Communication Action Plan
please make sure you read to the bottom for format example and point break down
The first week of class you submitted an assignment where you were asked:
What is one area that you want to improve specifically involving interpersonal communication? Describe what you want to improve and why. Is it something general like listening or is it something specific like a conflict you are having with a particular person?
It is now time to reflect on that assignment and develop an “action plan” for improvement.
You will write 3 things you can specifically do (action steps) to improve and then support each action step with research. You should research how to implement this AND why you should implement this and include this in the explanation of each action step.
Each action step requires 2 sources be cited
Each action step and description should be ¾ to 1 page in length double-spaced font no larger than 12 points
A minimum of 4 sources is required in total (this means for the entire assignment, not each action step). Each action step should have at least one source that is different from the other action steps. You can use your textbook as a second source for each action step if you choose.
You also must include in-text citations for each of your action steps.
Wikipedia is not allowed
You must include a bibliography at the end of your paper using APA or MLA format. If you have never used or they are very helpful.
Area for improvement [Copy and paste your response to the 1st week’s response. If you didn’t do that assignment then you will have to do that now.]
Action Plan [Number your steps then provide the rationale and explanation of each step. You should have at least two source for each step.]
Bibliography (use APA or MLA format)
Area for Improvement
My sister and I have never gotten along well. Covid has brought us back home from college and we have spent more time together in the past few months. We argue a lot and it makes being at home even worse. I think my sister is a “drama queen” and she thinks I don’t care about her. I love her but she gets upset over every little thing it seems. I want to improve this relationship so that we can be better friends and for the whole family.
Action Plan
Action Step 1: Improve how I show empathy toward my sister.
I often think my sister gets upset about things that aren’t worth getting upset about. For instance, last week her boyfriend was an hour late picking her up and she was crying. Apparently, he thought he was supposed to pick her up at 3, but she thought he was coming at 2. I told her that since this had never happened before she should just get over it and she said I was taking his side. Psychology Today defines empathy as “the ability to recognize, understand, and share the thoughts and feelings of another person” and explains that empathy is “crucial” to building positive relationships (“Empathy,” n.d.). One way I can increase my empathy toward my sister is by using empathic listening and active empathetic listening. The book Communication In The Real World (2016, ch. 5.3)) explains that I can do this by asking my sister questions about what is going on, paraphrasing what she has said to make in order to try to build understanding, and mirroring her nonverbal communication. The next time my sister is upset I will try to ask more questions and make fewer statements about what I would do. I also won’t be rolling my eyes at her anymore, I realized that is definitely not being empathetic.
Then do the same for action steps 2 and 3
Up to 10 points may be deducted for missing/incorrect use of sources and source citations in each action step
Up to 15 points may be deducted for not having a total of 4 sources
Up to 5 points may be deducted if a bibliography is not submitted or not submitted in correct APA or MLA format
Up to 10 points total may be deducted for poor spelling and grammar
Quality of responses: The focus is interpersonal communication, this means your action steps and support should all relate to interpersonal communication. Responses should show thoughtful understanding and real-life application of interpersonal concepts using research to demonstrate how and why each action step will be implemented. Writing should reflect college level work. Up to 10 points per response (action step) may be deducted for not meeting this standard.
Need help with citations? Purdue OWL, (Links to an external site.) Saddleback Library: Writing and CitingLinks to an external site., Easybib (Links to an external site.), Knightcite (Links to an external site.)
Research Help
Saddleback Library Online databasesLinks to an external site.
How to use the Saddleback Library from homeLinks to an external site.
How to find full-text articles at the Saddleback Library

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