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Watch the interviews with Throbbing Gristle members Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti. How does Chris describe his approach to music? How does Cosey describe the band’s relationship with the audience? Write a combined 1,000-word summary of these interviews. Use your summary of “Over the Ruined Factory There’s a Funny Noise” (Essay 3) to enrich and enhance your engagement with these interviews. Choose one of the following focal points and use it as your thesis:
1.Gender expectations and the role of women in the music industry.
2. The idea of noise as a counterargument to the erasure of the margins.
3. Predictable formulas, manufactured tastes, and the price of originality.
Make sure every part of your essay addresses and develops the focal point of your choice. Longer essays are welcome.
Additional song mentioned in the interviews:

A post-TG song by Chris and Cosey:

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