Notice: Paper total of 7 pages is enough ( Not including reference and title pag

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Notice: Paper total of 7 pages is enough ( Not including reference and title page). One extra page is for the draft. Reference only refers to the course materials. Please don’t refer to the external sources.
In this paper, you will conduct a summary of the three leadership theories we have studied, as well as a critical analysis of one leadership theory you select.
Title Page: Include a title page (APA format)
Introduction: Write an introduction that summarizes the topic and key points you will make in your paper.
Section 1: Using the Critical Thinking resources and other resources from Units 1-4, and building on your discussion posts, write a 1-2 page synopsis of each of the three leadership theories studied (servant, transformational, or authentic). For each leadership theory, include an overview of the theory, key principles, and how this theory aligns with Christianity.
Section 2: Select the leadership theory (servant, transformational, or authentic) that aligns most closely with your values and practice of leadership. Incorporating critical thinking strategies, course resources, and other resources you locate in the TWU library analyze this theory further. Include an 8-10 page analysis of how this leadership philosophy influences organizational outcomes, is used to create effective organizational cultures, and influences a leader’s decisions making.
Conclusion: Write a 1-2 page conclusion that summarizes the key points you have made in your paper.
Reference List: Include a list of references, formatted using APA style, with a minimum of 10 scholarly sources (articles published in academic journals or books). This academic paper should be 10-15 pages in length (plus a title page and reference list). The paper should include a minimum of 10 scholarly sources, including at least 3-5 you locate on your own. The paper should be written using APA format.

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