This course prepares those currently in leadership positions to assess and devel

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This course prepares those currently in leadership positions to assess and develop their abilities to coachand develop teams, manage conflict by building relationships, and turn confrontation into cooperation, as well as explore and experience teamwork. Participants will discuss conflict theory, teamwork development, motivation, and management strategies. As leaders and agents of change, candidates analyze and formulate key knowledge and skill areas that enable them to construct the competencies of self-renewal, communication, and understand how they interact in a team. Development of these competencies increase participants’ abilities to value people, and thereby, increase the effectiveness of their negotiation, intervention, and impact in a team environment. The course is facilitative,participatory, and experiential. Candidates complete this course having experienced personal change and having the confidence and competence to influence others through building relationships,cooperative negotiation, and a greater trust in a team environment.
● Definition: Using course material, write a clear definition of the topic (1 page). ● Why Does This Matter? Outline the importance of the topic in terms of its impact on team leadership and conflict resolution (1 page).
● Tell Me a Story: Drawing on personal experience or current events, highlight a situation where a leader demonstrates either successful or poor application of the topic in team leadership and conflict negotiation (1 page).
● Additional Resources: Include websites, videos, podcasts, books, articles, etc. for further research into the topic (1/2 page).
● What Would Jesus Do? List examples from Scripture, sermons, podcasts, or other sources of how Jesus applied the topic in his life and teaching (1/2 page).
● So What? Now What? Share practical tips for applying the topic in personal and professional settings. How will you use this section of the toolkit to impact your organization and lead differently? Consider cultural perspectives and norms in your specific context. (1 page). ● Self-Reflection Questions: List 2-3 questions to help you assess your knowledge of the topic and ability to apply your learning in future team leadership contexts (1/2 page). Meaning in Graduate Work Note: For assignments that meet criteria in several categories, instructors will assign an average grade. Emerging/Developing Criteria Proficient/Extending
Areas that need improvement Standards for this performance Evidence of meeting or going beyond target
Knowledge and its Application: The author demonstrates an understanding of transformational servant leadership principles and their application to team leadership and conflict negotiation (e.g., there is evidence of depth of self-reflection and ideas for future application in “So What? Now What?” and “Self-Reflection Questions” sections).
Cognitive Complexity: The author compares and critiques various team structures and evaluates tools to create teams and teamwork (e.g., unit topic is well expressed in “Tell Me a Story” and “What Would Jesus Do?” sections).
Leadership: The author creates training tools to implement with future teams.
Presentation and Communication: The author uses formatting, conventions, and standards expected for graduate level writing (e.g., APA 7 citations with graduate level mechanics, grammar, sentence structure, and flow).
7 clearly labelled headings
Maximum of 5 pages plus APA 7 title page and Reference pages

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