i need peer response in 150 wards only i need 2 peer response each should be in

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i need peer response in 150 wards only i need 2 peer response each should be in 150 wards. THIS IS ONE I WILL REPLY BACK PLEASE READ THIS AND RESPONSE BACK AS PEER RESPONSE.
It is estimated that there are nearly 3 million practicing nurses, making up 55% of the healthcare workforce. We are the largest group of providers providing health and comfort factors to patients. While being able to see miracles in the making, we also see the worst of many diseases and disorders. We also see what works and what doesn’t, the flaws, negative consequences, and areas of need of change. Nurses “occupy a special position as the interface between the health system and the community, and the see, hear and know how policy and politics affects patients and communities (Salvage & White, 2019).” Dorothea Dix is one significant nurse who has made significant impact on nursing and spearheading change. Dix, originally a teacher, established the Dix mansion that was converted into a school for girls, and in took donations to allow poor children to attend for free. At the age of 39 in 1819, she was teaching religion to females within a correctional setting and noted the horrible and inhumane conditions, especially to those suffering from mental illness. Dix was able to help the prisoners “by immediately going to court to secure an order for improvements, she began to travel and research about the conditions in prisons and poorhouses (Francisco, 2017).” Dix is known as being an activist and an advocate instilling change and changing the course of nursing history. Dix is responsible to opening asylums in various states and worked specifically with federal legislation to create a national asylum. Unfortunately, her bill did not pass as she was dismissed by many politicians, mostly for the fact of being female, and many communities did not believe in taking such actions to benefit prisoners. THIS IS 2ND ONE There are many nurses that have spearheaded change in the world, but one in particular that sticks out for impacting policy is Margaret Sanger. Sanger was born in the early twentieth century and at a young age witnessed the death of her mother from tuberculosis, but Sanger believed that her body was worn down prematurely due to 11 pregnancies (Michals, 2017). Since then, she had understood the physical toll pregnancies put on women, and after becoming a nurse in 1902 made it her goal to distribute information to women on birth control, as well as repeal the Comstock Law, which made it illegal to distribute profane information or literature, like information on birth control (Michals, 2017). The Comstock laws essentially classified birth control in the same category as pornography, and violation could result in enormous fines, often making healthcare providers very unwilling to discuss the topic with their patients (Thompson, 2019). Much of the driving force behind why Sanger was so determined to repeal the Comstock Law can be attributed to the untimely passing of her mother, giving her the drive and determination to ensure women had the right make decisions and be informed of their sexual health options and practices (Public Broadcasting Service [PBS], n.d.).
To make these changes a reality, Sanger took matters into her own hands and opened a clinic (that would later become Planned Parenthood) that would illegally distribute birth control information to women, ultimately causing the police to raid and put her in jail for 30 days (Planned Parenthood, n.d.). Despite this obstacle, she traveled the country sharing her beliefs that women should have the right to make informed decisions on their sexual health and eventually opened the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau, who’s efforts eventually repealed the Comstock laws through the court system, no longer classifying birth control as lewd or obscene (Planned Parenthood, n.d.). This allowed for healthcare providers to finally be able to distribute information regarding birth control methods to their patients, and more autonomy for women to make informed choices regarding their sexual health.

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