Case Study Assignment – Abuse and Neglect You are required to analyze a case stu

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Case Study Assignment – Abuse and Neglect
You are required to analyze a case study in terms of (1) the signs of abuse and neglect presented; (2) the risk factors, stressors, and challenges associated with abuse and neglect; and (3) the role of the professional in supporting families.
Case Study Scenario Consider the following scenario: Jane has been arrested and charged with child endangerment, child neglect, and child physical abuse. Her 16 month old son was found alone at 9 pm at night with a rope around his waist tied to a sofa. He had severe rope burns on his stomach and side and had a bruise on the front of his face and a split lip, probably from falling down face first. Her child has been placed in foster care. Looking further into the case: Jane is a 22-year-old mother of Joe, who is 16 months old. Jane is a single parent, and only has a high-school diploma. Because of the harsh economic times, Jane works two jobs just to pay the bills, but she is still struggling. Jane is new to the community and doesn’t know anyone yet. She sends Joe to daycare during the day, but she works a second job a few evenings a week and can’t afford to pay someone to watch Joe. Jane loves her son very much and wants to make sure he’s okay while she’s gone in the evenings for a short time, but knows she can’t let him run around by himself. To keep him “safe,” Jane ties a rope around Joe’s waist and gives him plenty of room in the living room. She ties the other end to the leg of the sofa. This way, Joe is only allowed in certain areas of the room, and can’t be harmed.
After reviewing this scenario, respond to the following question. This paper should be 3 pages double spaced and a cover page. The cover page would not be considered a part of the 3 pages. Incorporate and cite at least two course resources in your response. 1. What factors indicated abuse and neglect was present? 2. What risk factors, stressors, and challenges were faced by Jane in her parenting situation? 3. How might understanding these risk factors, stressors, and challenges help you support Jane within your professional role? 4. What strategies would you use to ensure that Jane and her son receive the support they need?

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