This assignment is the third piece of the Social Change Project you will be buil

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assignment is the third piece of the Social Change Project you will be building
throughout the course.
Provide 2 examples of how economic inequality and/or poverty
impact the population you identified in Part 1. (Link will open in new tab.)
Choose 2 Ethical Principles identified in the NASW Code of Ethics (Links to an external site.) and
explain how they relate to the economic inequality experienced by your chosen
How does economic inequality, particularly as experienced by
this group, connect to human rights concepts?
Example from Dr. Lane:
The population I described in part 1 included people who have
been involved with the criminal justice system, specifically those with felony
convictions who are no longer incarcerated. Using the Code of Ethics,
textbook, and other sources, I would emphasize the ways that economic
inequality affects this population in that people who have access to economic
resources generally can get better legal representation, are less likely to be
convicted, and serve less time in prison. Also, those with economic
resources can pay for cash bail and so they are less likely to be held in
detention when they are accused of a crime and have not been convicted. Two
relevant ethical prinicpals could be social justice: the system where some
people have access to better legal representation than others because of
economic status is not socially just; and competence: the criminal justice
system is complicated, and those who are dealing with this system deserve
lawyers and social workers who have knowledge of the system and ability to work
within it as part of their professional skill set. In terms of human
rights, the UN Declaration of Human Rights states that all human beings have “the
right to life, liberty and security of person,” and those who are
imprisoned because of economic inequality are being denied that right.
To successfully complete this assignment:
Compose a response of 250-500 words in APA format
o Per APA format, be sure
to include a title page and separate page reference list. The title page
and reference list are not included in the page length estimates.
o No abstract is
Address all aspects of the assignment prompt – I have uploaded a copy of the completed 2nd part of this 6-part of assignment

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