INSTRUCTIONS: Please read the fact pattern carefully and then as a group prepare

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Please read the fact pattern carefully and then as a group prepare a power point (or word document/pdf) to address the
questions that follow. Please make certain that the names of each student in the group is on the report. You can find out which group you are in by going to the left side of your Canvas Page, under the icon for Dashboard, there will be a Groups icon. This is where you can see which group you are in. You should all have received group emails from me which contained the email
addresses of your group members. I’ve also created a group discussion board so that you can reach each other there. Please
reach out to your group members to divide up the work, and designate one person to put it together in a power point or
word/pdf document if you don’t have power point.
All team members name should be on the power point presentation. If someone did not contribute please (1) do not put their
name on the presentation and (2) notify me
Suzy, Robert and Trent decide to go into business together to provide cellular services (collectively referred to as “Horizon”). They plan to name their company “Horizon”. Their plan is to build small cells where traditional cell towers can’t be deployed, such as the
rooftops of buildings, indoor shopping malls or other locations that do not have sufficient room for a traditional tower. Trent who is
an engineer created a smart cell that he believes will be a game changer. The company also plans to provide cell phone service to underprivileged third world countries. They hire Barbara as an agent/promoter [ A promoter acts on behalf of a corporation before
it is formed. The promoter may be, but doesn’t have to be, the same person as the corporation’s incorporator] to build relationships with various vendors and purchase supplies.
Suzy informs Barbara that she is authorized to spend up to $10,000 for the purchase of special fiberglass. Barbara enters into an
oral agreement with Ted’s Fiberglass Store to purchase $2,500 worth of fiberglass. She then enters into an agreement with H-Mart to buy office furniture totaling $12,500. Ted delivers the fiberglass as promised but Barbara refuses to pay citing there is no “written agreement”. When the furniture from H-Mart arrives, Suzy, Robert and Ted are incensed as they did not authorize Barbara to
purchase furniture and they refuse informing H-Mart that Barbara was not authorized to purchase furniture on their behalf.
Robert knows they will need good salespeople so he begins interviewing at their new rented offices. To save money, Suzy, Robert
and Trent decided to forego after hours cleaning services. Instead the cleaning service mopped the floor during the day while
people were on premises. Allen, a prospective job applicant arrived timely for his interview with Robert. Upon entering the office,
Allen slipped on the floor and broke his hip. Another candidate, Martha shows up for the interview wearing a hijab (headscarf).
Trent informs her that the company has a strict dress policy forbidding headwear. Trent hires Pamela as the receptionist. He
installs video surveillance on her computer and keyboard and keystrokes monitoring.
Pamela as part of her job responsibilities goes to the bank to make a deposit. After she has completed the deposit she decides to
get a manicure. On her way from the nail shop Pamela rear ends a vehicle. When she gets back to the office she informs Trent that she is experiencing whip lash and needs to file for worker’s compensation. Bob, a new sales person hired by Suzy tweeted “Horizon is run by a bunch of crooks.”
Please respond to the following questions:
What would be the best business organization for Horizon?
Which form of intellectual property would Horizon need to file for Trent’s invention of the smart cell?
What kind of authority did Barbara have when she contracted to purchase the fiberglass?
Will Horizon be on the hook for the office furniture?
Which law governs the contract Barbara entered into with Ted’s Fiberglass?
Will Ted be able to enforce the oral contract? Which contract defense does the oral agreement raise?
Did Barbara breach any duties to Horizon?
What tort if any has Horizon committed by Allen’s slip and fall?
What issue(s) are raised by Trent informing Martha that she cannot wear the hijab?
What issues are raised by Horizon installing surveillance monitoring equipment on Pamela’s computer equipment?
Is Horizon responsible for Pamela’s car accident? If not, why?
How can Horizon escape tort liability from Pamela’s worker’s compensation case?
What First Amendment issues are raised by Bob’s tweet?

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