b. What is the motivation for your research question? Why is it important to kno

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b. What is the motivation for your research question? Why is it important to know the answer? (Why should
anyone care about your research?) c. Describe the current state of the literature. Cite at least one study related to your research question (you are
allowed to cite a study assigned during the course). What data did the study use, and what were the results? If
no literature currently exists related to your research question, why not? (Is the research question not very
interesting? Difficult to answer? Lack of data? etc.) d. How would you contribute to the existing body of literature? What would your study add specifically that has
not already been done? (E.g., do you have access to newer, different data? Or a better method?)
e. If you were going to contribute to the literature with your own research study, what specific dataset(s) would
you use? (e.g., NSDUH or another survey on cannabis use, sales and tax data from Colorado, Washington,
Canada, etc.) If a crucial dataset does not exist or is not publicly available, describe a hypothetical ideal
dataset or an experiment/survey you could run to collect the data. f. Using the internet, find and review at least two high quality datasets that you could use for your research
project. Describe the datasets and provide web addresses. g. Describe the method you would use to answer your research question. You do not need to specify the
econometric model. (E.g., if you were interested in the effect of legalization on the demand for Taco Bell, you
might compare the number of Taco Bells in states where cannabis is legalized to the number of Taco Bells
states where cannabis is prohibited, controlling for factors such as the states’ populations). h. List at least two challenges that you foresee in conducting this research project, and what strategies and
techniques you could employ to overcome them.

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