Read: Chapters Three, Four and Five which address Interpersonal Communications,

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Read: Chapters Three, Four and Five which address Interpersonal Communications, the heart of all communications.
Due: Visual Map and Conversation, see details, below. Note that this replaces our normal weekly discussion forum and replaces our normal weekly Journal. Basically, you are going to draw a picture of your understanding/thinking about the topic you choose (see details, below).
Due: Self-Assessment for Week Three — Joe Bailey Action Maze
For this week let’s think visually. This will replace the (old) Week 3 Discussion Forum and the (old) Week 3 Journal. We will end up re-visiting this visual you create next week, too, because these topics in Chapters 3-5 are among the most important in work and life communications. Assignment: I’d like you to visually represent your thoughts on One of the following three topics: A) Listening (the focus of Chapter 3), or
B) Non-Verbals (part of the focus of Chapter 4), or
C) Conflict (the focus of Chapter 5)
Pick one. Then, using a piece of paper and hand-drawing and handwriting, or using software/app (there are many mind-mapping or visual apps, like Bubble.US, WiseMapping.Com, Microsoft Sketch and DrawFree!, Mac Notes, just to name a few) make a picture outlining your thoughts on the topic. Start by putting a circle in the middle of the page with Listening or Non-verbals or Conflict in the center, and then draw other circles or pictures and write notes or lists or pictures showing your thoughts, as if you are outlining the topic and capturing the points that are most important to you. See My Examples in the file just after this checklist, called, “Visual Examples.” Those are examples of a mind-map of our last Chapter, “Culture.”
At a minimum, I want you to include the following three elements in your visual page:
1- If you choose Listening as your topic, what is your style of listening; if you choose Non-verbals, what are your go-to non-verbals (body language, tone, etc) when you communicate with others; if you choose Conflict, which of the five approaches to conflict (Avoiding, Accommodating, Compromising, Competing, Collaborating) is your go-to?
2- What are the pros/cons (advantages/drawbacks) of your go-to style? How well does it work for you?
3- Provide at least one (very short) personal example of using your style where it worked out well and one where it didn’t work out so well.
Provide Two other pieces of information about your topic, which can be Anything Related! For example, if you chose Listening, you might visually add thoughts about why listening is/isn’t important in business and relationships, or thoughts about an area where you disagree with what the textbook says, or funny cartoon about listening. If you chose Non-verbals, you might add a section about interesting gestures in different countries, or mistakes you’ve made in interpreting non-verbal communication, or quotes about the role of non-verbals in communication, etc. If you chose Conflict, you might add a little section about whether conflict is helpful or unhelpful in teams and why; or you might talk about how people around you approach conflict; or something you really like or dislike about what the textbook says; or movies you like about conflict! Anything related will work!
When you are done with your visual representation, upload it to the forum marked, “Visual Map and Conversation” and include one comment, an answer to the following: what about your picture is most important or meaningful to you?
You can take a photo of your visual representation and upload that image (jpg) or can embed it in other software like .docx or other upload-able file.
Here’s the grading rubric (40 points):
1. You provide a visual representation. Anything visual works, no strict rules, just start with a circle in the middle with your topic choice. (5 points)
2. You provide meaningful content for the three “must include” areas, described above. (20 points)
3. You provide two additional areas related to the topic that are of interest to you (10 points)
4. You provide a statement about what is most meaningful to you (5 points)
This is due Saturday, midnight.
Text Book : Adler, R. B., Elmhorst, J. M., & Lucas, K. Communicating at Work: Strategies for Success in Business and the Professions

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