nstructions This unit’s assignment requires you to research and choose a topic f

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This unit’s assignment requires you to research and choose a topic for your Unit VII Project in which you will develop a recommended plan of action to mitigate or prevent a specific act of terror. You will develop a plan for a post-terror attack response. Additionally, you will identify sufficient, acceptable, and useful resources that can support your chosen topic.
You are encouraged to review the Unit VII Project instructions for developing a post-terrorism attack response plan to ensure you will be able to meet the requirements with your topic. To help you select a topic, consider an issue, event, incident, or policy decision that occurred within the past 5 years and how a related terror attack might affect your own community.
Your topic must be a specific type and act of terrorism. For your project, you will assume the information below.
You are employed in an emergency management function in your local community.
The act of terror takes place in your community with little to no warning.
There are mass causalities and damage to local infrastructure.
Identify your chosen topic, and provide a brief summary explaining the premise of your project.
You must then begin the research and preparation for the Unit VII Project as described below.
Identify at least five relevant sources you can reference in the development of your response plan.
List the sources, and provide a brief evaluation of each source, including why it was selected and how it can be of value in developing your response plan.
All sources selected must be high-quality sources, such as current government (federal or local) policy, academic articles, or empirical studies. Sources such as Wikis, blog posts, opinion pieces, or other unverified and/or biased contributions must not be used.
Your assignment submission must be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages. All sources used must have APA Style citations and references.

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