Lesson 1 Lesson 1 Activities may be modified by instructor depending on needs of

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Lesson 1
Lesson 1
Activities may be modified by instructor depending on needs of students. However, projects are consistent across all classes. Online students will find details for activities in Important documents.
Activity 1: Case 1: Mr. Hernandez
Work through the case with your team. (Cases are found in the Important Documents site)
What is Mr. Hernandez’ situation?
What effect could his diagnosis and his condition when found have on your recommendations about discharge placement?
What role does the patient’s wishes play in recommendations?
What about those concerns of his family? Are they considered?
Where does Mr. Hernandez fall in the care continuum model?
Activity 2: Review the role of the case manager
Read Role of the Discharge Educator page 21 – 23 in the Red Tool Kit (see Important Documents)
Many clients may not understand your role as their case manager. Together make a flyer that you could give to your clients that explains your role and how you can help them. Be sure it is clear, colorful, uses pictures, and not too wordy. Consider alternative options for the visually impaired.
Activity 3: Introduction to Project
Class discussion of what is expected from each part
Project Assignment:
Using the Red Tool Kit (from the Important Documents) begin to analyze more thoroughly Mr. Hernandez’ case. Begin with Step 2 since you will be starting this process while Mr. Hernandez is in the hospital awaiting discharge. Work through the parts in this step to determine how to work through the concerns and support Mr. Hernandez on discharge. Use the Red Tool Kit pages 23 – 46 as your guide. However, you will need to do further research to understand his medications and other issues in the case.
Compete a Cover sheet, Diagnosis sheet, Contact Sheet, Discharge Prep Sheet, Medication Schedule, Appointment Sheet, Patient Activation Page, Calendar.

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