Carefully read or watch the article/chapter/film you have selected for Assignmen

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Carefully read or watch the article/chapter/film you have selected for Assignment 3 from Units 7-10 on the Reading/Films lists.
Upload an original post that examines your chosen reading/film to this discussion thread (6 points). Your original post MUST:
Be the FIRST thing you post in the discussion assignment thread for the assignment, otherwise you will automatically receive a zero for this portion of the assignment (i.e., you will only be able to receive up to 4/10 total on the assignment for responses). This is to prevent people from simply summarizing others’ original posts rather than engaging with the material themselves.
Be between 250-500 words in length and free of major spelling and grammatical errors
Have clear identification of the author’s main point(s), with specific examples of supporting evidence from the reading/film. Simply writing “I liked this reading” or “I disagree with the film” is NOT sufficient—be more specific! What points and evidence in particular did you find informative, convincing, or moving?
Relate to any class material we’ve covered on the topic (i.e., lectures, textbook, listening examples)
Avoid inflammatory words and phrases. There are always substitutes you can use. If you disagree with another student’s writings, say specifically why.
Cite all outside sources accurately and consistently (this includes the article/chapter/film you are summarizing, as well as your textbook). You are free to use a citation style of your choice as long as you’re consistent for the assignment. If you’re not sure what to use, check out guidelines.
How discussion-based assignments are graded:
-0.5 for each missing citation
-1 for each of any of the following:
Lack of identification of the author’s main point(s)
Lack of specific supporting evidence or points from the reading/film
Lack of connection to other class materials such as lectures or the textbook
Unclear due to significant spelling/grammatical errors
Under 250 words
Replies that do not demonstrate deep engagement with your classmates’ posts (e.g., only writing statements like “I agree with your post,” “great job on your post,” or “I liked this reading too” are NOT sufficient. Be more specific!)
-2 for each missing reply
-6 for a missing original post or for your original post not being the first thing you post to the discussion thread
-10 (zero) for plagiarism on any aspect of the assignment or failure to submit it on time
Thank you!

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