Wk 2 – Business Memo: Mass Media and Audiences [due Mon] Assignment Content Prep

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Wk 2 – Business Memo: Mass Media and Audiences [due Mon]
Assignment Content
Prepare a memo of at least 700 words describing mass media and audiences. Access the Center for Writing Excellence link below and, from there, visit the Tutorials and Guides page to view a sample business memo. Or, see a sample memo from the Purdue University Online Writing Lab.
You may address your memo to Dr. Swanson.
Describe what is meant by mass media and how mass media affects audiences.
Summarize each of the following five states of mass media development:
· Innovation
· Penetration
· Peak
· Decline
· Adaptation
Select one advertisement geared specifically toward children.
Briefly describe the ad, then address the following in your business memo:
· What does the ad attempt to encourage children to do?
· Why are children considered to be a special audience when it comes to mass media and advertising?
· List one area of development in children that makes them more susceptible to harm from advertisements.
· Does the ad you selected have the potential to harm children? In what way?
· What role does media literacy play in helping to protect children from negative media influences?
· In your opinion, is society doing enough to safeguard children from exposure to potentially harmful media? Explain your response.
In addition to the ad you select, include at least two peer-reviewed articles pertaining to stages of mass media development or media and children.
Please include three references that you consulted (other than our class textbook). Please avoid dictionaries, encyclopedias, Wikis, and other sources that are too general for college-level work. The University of Phoenix Library is excellent and should always be your “go to” source for references. List the references in correct APA format at the end of your memo. If you need assistance with APA, please see the tutorials in The Center for Writing Excellence.
Submit your memo as a Word document. A title page is not needed.

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