Aligned subject learning outcomes • proficient in interpretation, evaluation and

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Aligned subject learning
• proficient in interpretation, evaluation and justification of different counselling
perspectives and demonstrate advanced oral, listening, writing and advocacy
skills, required of a professional working in the guidance and counselling and
career development fields;
• demonstrate knowledge of the current legislation (eg.informed consent, Privacy
Act) and ethical requirements outlined in the Code of Ethics in the Australian
Counselling Association and the Singapore Association for Counselling;
• demonstrate self-reflection and critical self- evaluation of their assumptions,
attitudes, beliefs, values, prejudices and biases in order to demonstrate cultural
intentionality in well- constructed counselling sessions that enhance their ability
to work effectively with clients from a multicultural perspective;
• demonstrate advanced problem solving, objectivity, and judgement skills in
working with clients with complex life issues and demonstrate communication
proficiency with both specialist and non-specialist stakeholders.
Task Length
2,000 words words, excluding references, reference list, appendices and figures
For this task you are to maintain a journal of your learning throughout the subject. The journal should
demonstrate a consideration of your beliefs, attitudes, values and assumptions and how they have been
influenced by your experience in the course.
Each journal entry should follow this structure:
– Revisit the experience (describe what happened)
– How did your beliefs, attitudes, values and assumptions influence your actions in the
– How is this problem approached in evidence-based practice?
– Choose one of the following:
▪ Justify your actions using evidence-based practice
▪ Solve the problem using evidence-based practice
– Reflect on your beliefs, attitudes, values and assumptions in light of evidence-based
– Discuss and justify future changes in actions for the next time you have this experience
The journal should have a minimum of three entries of approximately 750 words each.
Description of experience
Experiences are described
in sufficient detail to
make clear links to
Beliefs, attitudes, values
and assumptions
Personal paradigms are
reflected upon in-depth,
highlighting changes as
well as reasons for
Use of evidence
Evidence-based practice is
deployed effectively
throughout the
reflections, with clear
links between experiences
and future actions.
Writing maintains a clear
structure, with minimal
grammatical errors.
APA style referencing is
used with minimal errors.
Reflecting on my ecperience, so i have just finsihed my bachelors in social science psychology and went straight to the masters course so i dont have prior experience in counselling except for the thoery and the tutorials and practice classes in my master course, that can be mentioned and said how it has been an experience to go through that and how much i’ve grown

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