Weekly Assignments The weekly assignments account for 20% of your overall grade.

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Weekly Assignments
The weekly assignments account for 20% of your overall grade. You must follow the assignment due date schedule set out in the Course Calendar very carefully. Prior to completing each assignment, the student is expected to read the assigned chapters of the text as well as the accompanying lecture pages as set out in the Course Content section.
Most assignments involve locating some information related to the reading material (usually online with Web site link provided) and answering a question that will confirm that the student has in fact located the correct information. The student is expected to fully explain and support any answer or conclusion submitted in the weekly assignment. Answers that are conclusory in nature will receive minimal credit. Once each assignment is completed, the student must provide responses for that assignment by preparing a Microsoft Word or .pdf document and submitting the document via the appropriate dropbox. The instructor will provide individual feedback on weekly submissions as needed in the feedback section of each dropbox. Points will be deducted for incomplete answers.
Note: Some assignments contain hyperlinks to Internet sites where the assignment may be completed. The Internet sites provided in the assignments are current as of the posting of this syllabus. However, some Internet sites do change or are discontinued. In the event you are unable to access a site because it is no longer available, please notify the Instructor.
Read Chapter 1 (Legal & Constitutional Foundations of Business) and Chapter 7 (Business Ethics) in the textbook as well as the lecture Notes.
Once you have completed the assigned reading, create a document to place in the Dropbox that provides your answers to the following tasks. (Refer to the Participation, Grading, and Assessments section of the Syllabus for guidance on completing the weekly assignments.)
Locate the United States Code and tell me what subject Title 15 of the Code deals with.
Locate the Code of Federal Regulations. Specifically, locate Title 29, section 1602.7, which is a regulation adopted by the U.S. Department of Labor. Tell me in your own words what this regulation says.
Locate the Tennessee Constitution and see the kinds of rights it guarantees citizens of our state. I think you will find it is in some ways quite different from the U.S. Constitution! Tell me what article and section of the Tennessee Constitution guarantees the right to freedom of religion.
Go to the web site for Business Ethics: The Magazine of Corporate Responsibility. From the Topics dropdown menu on the upper right hand side of the page, select a topic and read one article in that topic. Summarize the article’s main point in one paragraph.
web pages –
the United States Code – http://uscode.house.gov/
Code of Federal Regulations. – https://www.ecfr.gov/
Tennessee Constitution – https://www.capitol.tn.gov/about/docs/tn-constitution.pdf
Business Ethics: The Magazine of Corporate Responsibility – https://business-ethics.com/

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