In this assignment, you will write a 3-page paper analyzing a passage from The R

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In this assignment, you will write a 3-page paper analyzing a passage from The Republic Unsettled and making a comparison to The Ocean in the School. Your focus will be on how the state recognizes and incorporates religion into a national identity.
(Attached are the readings of The Republic Unsettled and a review of The Ocean in the School. Full book of the ocean inthe school is in this link:
Choose a Passage: Begin by selecting a passage from the attached “Republic Unsettled” that you feel is key to understanding the intersection of national and religious identity in France and will help you develop the analysis described below. (You just need to select 1 passage from “The republic Unsettled” I’ve labled them 1 to 3, you just need to choose one.)
Analysis: Your task is to unpack this passage to explain the author’s thinking and its significance for the question of how the state shapes religious identity. You may want to focus on key terms in the passage, facts or details presented, historical or cultural references in the passage, or the way the author presents and describes a main idea. You will also interpret the passage: how does the passage help us to understand the author’s argument about the incorporation of Muslim French into the French state? How and in what ways do Muslim French desire to be recognized or not by the French State? How is the way they are incorporated by the state different from what they might wish for?
Comparison: Conclude by making a comparison to the experiences of Pacific Islander students at UW, as described in Rick Bonus’ book, the Ocean in the School. What similarities and/or differences to do you see in these two contexts for recognition and incorporation?
Citations: Include a list of any course materials that you reference in your analysis. Select a format (APA, Chicago Manual of Style, etc.) and stick with it.

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