Exam Content In this assignment, you will analyze the relationship between ethic

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Exam Content
In this assignment, you will analyze the relationship between ethics and health care research. You will demonstrate your research skills by applying them to an ethical scenario you choose. While most health care managers do not conduct research, being able to evaluate research and apply it to situations, such as the ethical concerns presented in this assignment, are a valuable part of the effective management and adaptable leadership needed in the health care industry.
Assignment Preparation
the following ethical scenarios:
A company uses patient DNA for research without the patient’s knowledge or consent.
Search the University Library for at least 3 peer-reviewed research articles that relate to the ethical concerns of your chosen scenario or to the process step at which ethical issues may have begun.
Assignment Directions
Create a 15-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes in which you:
Identify the ethical concern and at what step in the scenario the ethical concern(s) occurred.
Explain how evidence-based research can eliminate or minimize ethical concerns in the health care industry.
Compare and contrast research studies and quality-management projects as they relate to the health care industry.
Explain external factors that have an impact on the ethical concern in the scenario.
Include a title slide, detailed speaker notes explaining the content for each slide, and a reference slide. The title slide and reference slide are not part of the count.
Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed references to support your presentation.
Format your citations and references according to APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment.
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