75-100 words per topic response Topic 1 Describe an example of effective persuas

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75-100 words per topic response
Topic 1
Describe an example of effective persuasive communication that you have encountered and identify the different parts of the rhetorical situation. Who was the speaker or writer and who was the target audience? What was the purpose of the argument? What setting did the argument take place in and how might the communication have changed if it were in a different context? How does this example illustrate the qualities of effective persuasive communication from the reading this week?
Wrap up your post with at least one open-ended question for your classmates to consider as they help you dig deeper into the ideas you shared this week.
Topic 2
After reviewing Steven Johnson’s TED Talk(Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from | TED Talk) and this week’s reading “The Rhetoric of Community Engagement,” tell the class what stood out to you as the most important elements of ethical communication and collaborating with others to generate ideas. Be sure to discuss both Johnson’s talk and Linda Flower’s concept of intercultural rhetoric.
Then, find a persuasive TED Talk and tell the class about it. Be sure to provide the link to the TED Talk that you watched and key identifying details like the author, title, and main argument of the speaker.
Explain why you selected this persuasive TED Talk and how it illustrated effective persuasive communication. How did the TED speaker that you watched convince the audience of their position? Use this brainstorming guide to brainstorm ideas and prepare your response.
Wrap up your post with an open-ended question for your classmates to respond to when they reply to your post.
Topic 3
Tell the class about a community problem that you have some knowledge of and would like to try and improve. Who are the people in your community most affected by this issue (key stakeholders)? Who in the community is in the best position to bring about a change? What challenges have kept them from solving this problem already?
Share your preliminary thesis statement. Use the brainstorming chart below to help you develop your thesis.
In your thesis, be sure to identify your target audience, a concrete action the audience can take to solve the problem [solution], and a reason for action [problem/benefit].
Example: The San Antonio School District [target audience] should provide every high school student with an electronic tablet [solution] because this will encourage more learning outside of the classroom, increase mastery of skills, and increase college acceptance rates [benefit].
Do not worry about getting your thesis perfect this week. At this stage, your thesis is more of a hypothesis that needs to be tested and refined as you dig further into the problem you will attempt to solve.
Finally, wrap your post up with an open-ended question.
Identify the community problem you wish to address.
Write a research question that could help you to understand
the problem.
Who is your target audience?
What is the action that could solve the problem?
What are the reasons that this solution is needed?
Create an enthymeme with a claim (what should be done) +
Because + the reason(s) this should be done.

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