Double-spaced 12-point font 1-inch margins Number each page Saved in a Word form

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12-point font
1-inch margins
Number each page
Saved in a Word format (.doc or .docx)
No longer than 20 pages
Due: May 20th
Title: (include your name, date, Professor’s name, and course title)
Abstract: (do not exceed 150-250 words. This will be completed last, after all else is written. Abstract should appear as a separate paragraph (or two) just above the Introduction.
Preface: How did your study come to be; Why are you interested in this topic
4. Introduction:
• Statement of the problem (why are you conducting the study?) • Aim of study; Goals (what do you hope to achieve?)
• Widercontext
• Outline of rest of paper
5. Literature Review: Past research summary and critique (remember the Sutton paper assignment); gaps in research
6. Methodology: Project Design and Potential Impact
• Method: Which method will you use to conduct your study; how will you collect the data; how will you analyze the data.
• Participants: Who are your participants? Demographics
• Research questions (only a single sentence. Just one or two research questions) OR Hypotheses (only a single sentence that must include measurable variables. Do not exceed two testable hypotheses).
• Ethics: Discuss ethical considerations (informed consent; anonymity; do no harm – Nuremberg code) Researcher positionality?
7. Findings:
• Present results; include any graphs if applicable.
8. Discussion and Conclusions:
Relate your findings back to the literature in your literature review
Discuss strengths and limitations of your study (challenges of conducting research in quarantine is one example!); ethical challenges
Significance and implications of your study for criminology/Potential Impact practice and policy
Future research
9. Appendices: put code of ethics; consent form; and interview schedule here. Number as: Appendix 1; Appendix 2. etc
10. References: (must comport with APA style; use as many sources as needed, but cite only those sources that appear in the proposal).

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