Bread & Butterflies Infographic Concept

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We have learned all about dimensions and the importance of size and ratio on a device. When creating infographics or brand content, it’s wise to prioritize and strategize how you share a message with your audience. Today we will explore creating an infographic design which will be posted on Instagram, as a 3×3 grid (9 post/images).
In a future assignment, you will be tasked to create a Infographic for your business IG account but before you do, this week’s assignment you’ll explore the importance of creating the Brief as a foundation.
Use the requirements below to consider the context in which you will create your IG Infographic Brief.
Scenario: Your businesses instagram page just hit 77k followers! You decide to take it up a notch on your business IG account so you’re designing a fun and educational 3×3 grid infographic/posts.
Design Requirements:
Include 2-3 points of data/information to educate customers on your business, product, or service.
Your art is one (1) cohesive design with nine (9) images/art boards.
Step 1: Write the IG Infographic Brief (400-700 words). You are free to use whatever format you like in your response as long as it is professional. Use the template as a starting point or start from scratch (add additional information as you see fit for a holistic brief).
Infographic Brief Template.docx
Example: Bread & Butterflies Infographic Concept
Infographic Intention: Our bread recipe is one of a kind. This infographic educates our customers on our time tested key ingredients that make our bread so special.
3×3 Grid Design: Showcase close up images of our pastries and breads in a cool design, including info about our local partnerships, clean ingredients & new location opening soon.
In a single Word/PDF doc, save your completed brief and submit.

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