Evaluate American foreign policy in the Middle East.

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Evaluate American foreign policy in the Middle East. What are the possible outcomes of the U.S’s invasion and occupation of Iraq and the continued “War on Terror”? What are the possible motives for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are they justifiable? By invading Iraq, has the U.S. made itself more or less secure from terrorism? Finally, what issues might help to explain the causes of the 9/11 and other terrorist attacks? In your additional readings, what does commentator Rosa Brooks mean when she says that the “war on terror” is an exercise of folly? What motivates people to become terrorists and how can any possible future attacks be prevented? In this regard, pay careful attention to the articles written by authors Brent Gianotta (What I learned about Islamic State applies to QAnon too) Ned Rice (The Crucial Need for the War on Terror) and Reza Aslan (Losing the War on Terror), Nicholas Kristoff (One Soldier or Twenty Schools?), David Max Korzen (Osama Bin Laden is Still With Us) and Alex de Waal and Abdul Mohammed (Handmaiden to Africa’s Generals). Should the U.S. begin to at least consider some form of political engagement with Al Qaeda, the Taliban or other nations in the Middle East and Islamic world or can we simply eliminate the terrorist threat through drone attacks and other forms of military action? Please remember to provide evidence to back up any arguments that you make.
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