For this Assignment, the goal is to generate an MS word document (12 point font

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For this Assignment, the goal is to generate an MS word document (12 point font, double spaced) that completes the two objectives outlined below. The overall length of this assignment should be 1 paragraph of text (3 – 5 sentences; not including references) and two screenshots. Be
sure to include at least one APA style in-text citation from this week’s readings into your assignment and be sure it is listed in an APA style references section at the end of your document.
Objective 1) In a succinct paragraph comprised of 3 –
5 sentences: A) analyze and define what is meant by Low vs. High Context marketing strategies as explained in our readings this week. Be sure to clarify what distinguishes High Context promotional content (and
websites) from Low Context promotional content and websites B) briefly explain how cross-cultural marketing is applied toward international marketing. Objective 2) Select two contrasting language specific or country specific websites of successful international corporations. Select one site that represents Low Context marketing and one that represents High Context marketing. Take a screenshot (press and
hold command/shift/4) of the home page for each example you choose and label the screenshot as either High or Low Context. Remember that international corporations often have more than one website and that you
will want to choose a company website that provides the option to select the version of the site you choose to view. This selection is often based on language preference or Country preference. For example, if you visit the website for Exxon Mobile, Exxon you will see an option in the upper right corner to “select country”. So, if you chose Exxon as your company, you could take a screenshot of the U.S. site and one of the Chinese site as examples of Low vs High Context marketing strategies. Be sure to clarify the company websites you are using for your screenshot classification by including the URLs of the sites with your submission.

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