Answer the two essay questions listed below. Part 2 of the Final Exam (Essay Qu

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Answer the two essay questions listed below. Part 2 of the Final Exam (Essay Questions) is worth 100 points.
You need to answer both questions.
Your CEO has asked you to explain the concept of Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). You should research this concept and provide the CEO a one page summary of the concept (references on a second page) along with some examples of vendors that provide Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS).
The audience of your current event is Sr. Level Management (e.g. Vice President of company, CEO, etc) and should be tailored as such
Compare and contrast business continuity and disaster recovery.
Your answers should be written in essay form with a clear intro, body, and conclusion. Use examples as applicable. There is no minimum length but you should clearly answer all parts of each question – which means there must be an introduction, body (main essay), and conclusion – these are not section headings, they are parts of an essay and actually require at least three full paragraphs; although, the body usually has several paragraphs. Your answer should be in your own words. Short quotes can be used as needed. Cite any references used in APA format.
NOTICE: Essay submissions will be checked for plagiarism through TurnItIn.
Assignment Formatting Requirements:
APA Standard 1-inch margins all around
Standard font (e.g., Arial, Times Roman, Calibri, Tahoma, etc.)
12-pt font size
No cover page – use a simple heading at the top of the first page with Course #/Title, Exam Name, Your Name, and Date (this heading can be left-justified, centered or right-justified)
No Abstract
Identify the question number for each response (e.g., “Essay Question #1”) – do not repeat the actual question text
When using external sources, list the references immediately following the end of the essay question where used (do not put all references at the end of the document)
Start the second essay at the top of a new page

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