Secret Good Deeds There should be three done for this assignment You are to do s

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Secret Good Deeds
There should be three done for this assignment
You are to do something kind for someone else without attracting any attention to yourself or taking any credit whatsoever. The good deed can be small—like picking up trash in a neighbor’s yard or putting a coin in an expired parking meter or larger as you see the need, but it should be done anonymously.
If done for a stranger, the stranger may see the deed being done, but you, as the do-gooder, should fade away as quickly and quietly as possible. If done for a friend (maybe a roommate or suitemate if you are in the dorms) or family member, the recipient should not know who performed the deed. If asked about the good deed, the do-gooder should feign ignorance and change the subject. Let’s face it, we are all pretty experienced at feigning ignorance about less positive things we have done in the past, so those skills can probably be used to good effect here.
You are to carefully monitor what you think the value of these deeds have been to all those concerned.
You are to write about your experience in a 350 to 400 word, APA style paper, typed and double spaced, with 12pt. font, and references. In your write-up, you should explain each deed and then what you think the value is. This value can literally be talked about on a scale of your choosing if that makes it easier for you to assess, but do elaborate on the experiences as to how you felt doing the act and after the act had been done. Include in your write-up a discussion of an outside source that refers to the benefits of performing good deeds. This can be an academic journal article or a secondary source that reports research such as a news article.

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