Overview Moving average calculations help interpret data. You can easily add a m

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Moving average calculations help interpret data. You can easily add a moving average calculation to your stock price scatterplot and use the information to add to your interpretation of the five years of stock price data. You will add the moving average calculation to your stock price scatterplot for this assignment.
How much an analysis is valued can depend heavily on how well the results of that analysis are articulated. Communicating the results of your data analysis so the applications to your business are clear and explicit can greatly enhance the value of your analytic work.
In this assignment, consider how you can best communicate the results of your enhanced business report to your supervisor and colleagues.
Review any feedback you received on your week 8 assignment, your additional moving average calculations/ information, and your draft presentation in the Unit 9 discussion to an excellent business report presentation for the assignment.
You are a senior analyst in a business. You may choose any publicly traded company of interest that has practical meaning for you including the company you used for week 8 assignment.
Your immediate supervisor read your last analytics report on the company’s historical stock performance and was impressed with your work that she has asked you to add to the report and present the key points from that report at a company-wide meeting.
Your Role
You have been invited to present the highlights of your analytics report at an annual company-wide meeting that employees of all levels will attend. You have been allotted no more than 10 minutes and 10–12 slides. The purpose of your speech/presentation is to explain how the results of your analysis apply to the business and how the data you are presenting may impact various aspects of business context.
Create a 10–12-slide PowerPoint presentation with detailed presenter’s notes including citations on slides and in Notes area of slide. You may also add a recorded voice-over in which you present and interpret data, graphs, descriptive statistics, etc. but the voice-over is not required.
Format your presentation as follows:
One title slide.
Introduction slides explaining the business context.
Four graphics slides: one for each of the four charts in your report. Be sure to add moving average to your stock price chart.
One slide on descriptive stats.
Two or more conclusion slides explaining the application of each graph in the chosen business context.
One slide calling for discussion and questions.
One slide thanking everyone for their attention.
One slide with APA-formatted references.
Additional Requirements
Eliminate all bias from your presentation by using supported facts.
Use short but complete sentences that are clear, comprehensible, and free of jargon for each bullet point.
Include no more than five bullet points per slide if possible.
Include APA-formatted in-text citations where appropriate
Ensure your presentation is relevant to and easily understood by everyone in the audience. Remember, you will be speaking to people of all levels in the company.
If you include a voice-over in lieu of presenter’s notes, your recording should be no longer than 10 minutes.
Your written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Include an APA-formatted references slide at the end of the presentation.

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