You have now written four (4) case analyses. You will develop ONE final essay in

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You have now written four (4) case analyses. You will develop ONE final essay in connection with the topic you choose from below. In other words, pick one of the topics you wrote a case analysis on below and make it into an essay. The important part is that you use the components of your case analysis to rewrite, enhance and develop your thoughts on the matter so as to include greater depth into the philosophers and ethical theories you are presenting! You must answer all parts of the question to receive credit. Your final essay needs to be at least 1000-1200 words in length, should be polished and carefully composed work, so you need to include an introduction and conclusion and any quotations or paraphrases must be appropriately cited. In addition, it is important to think of this essay as a development of your previous work — you won’t merely copy over that previous work, and then add an introduction and a conclusion. Instead, you will want to engage into further reflections and review, to revise and expand the case analysis you’ve chosen for this final essay.
Consider Bob. Bob was raised by wolves (literally – don’t ask me how). Although his IQ would probably be normal, there is no way to test it, since Bob doesn’t speak or read any human language. One day, Bob emerged from the wilderness and ended up Downtown — the snazzy part of the city. He was hungry (presumably) so he “found” some food in the normal wolf way: he stalked a mother walking her baby and, deciding it was easiest to prey on the weaker, killed and ate the baby. There’s no question that Bob is “guilty” of the crime. He did it and there were lots of witnesses. What punishment should Bob get?

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