Podcast topic: Steps we can take to reduce plastic use. GOALS and OBJECTIVES: Wr

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Podcast topic: Steps we can take to reduce plastic use.
GOALS and OBJECTIVES: Write one umbrella
goal and two to five specific objectives for your
podcast. The goals and objectives can be paired
with the messages you want your podcast to
deliver. See below for an example. Clearly explain
your umbrella message and how it addresses the
environmental problem/injustice. Explain how you
came up with it and how you think it will help your
audience to learn about the problem and possibly
motivated to act.
Sample goal and objectives for story or
rhetorical situation
2 Goal: To make UMass Boston students
aware of the hazards of plastic use on
the ocean
To address the 5 major forms
of plastic pollution (pp) in the
ocean. (In this example: the
1st episode will be podcast
intro and provide background
about pp in the ocean;
episodes 2-6 will tackle one
a. To provide 4 solutions or ways
to get involved to prevent
plastic pollution (In this
example, episdoes 7-10 will
cover one solution each; the
entire series is 10 episodes)
1. TARGET AUDIENCE: Even though your
podcast might address the general public, you
should also name a narrower segment of the
population (e.g. drivers, fish consumers,
students, etc) to which your podcast is
specifically directed. The goal of this section is
to make the case for how your message will
resonate with the audiences or publics that
you intend to reach with your podcast derived
from your situation analysis. If appropriate,
attention should be paid to primary and
secondary audiences as well as opinion
leaders and influencers within social groups.
2. Series Outline: You must include a title and
topic for the entire series. You also must have
a title (sometimes done as a series of
questions) and the narrative “chapter” or
“scene” or framing/message for each episode.
The series outline will be a complete sketch of
your narrative for your series (see Narrative
pdf). The narrative meets your goals and onjectives.

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