Each chapter of your textbook has case studies, usually introduced in the first

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chapter of your textbook has case studies, usually introduced in the first
pages, and found in the second lecture slide of each chapter. Choose one case
study and identify the evidence given in support of the question or statement. Find a scholarly article that answers the
same question or addresses the same hypothesis. Choosing a
Feature from a Chapter: 1. Choose a chapter and one of
the case study. 2. Identify the topic.
3. Identify the main topic/question/hypothesis.
4. What conclusion does the
feature come up with?
Choosing an
Article from an outside source:
1. Find a related article from
another source.
i. Acceptable places to choose an
article from:
1. New York Times, Times
Magazine, TED talks, Natural History Museum, National Geographic, an article from a science journal (Science,
Nature, Urban Geography, etc.), Academic
Search Complete ( from the LAGCC Library Media Resource Center), etc. or use
the link below (LAGCC Library) http://web.b.ebscohost.com/ehost/search/basic?vid=1&sid=4499f656-7e2e-4a96-a611-ff750b7514a9%40sessionmgr102
2. How does the article relate to
the main topic of the case study OR how does it answer the question of the case
3. Write a short summary of the
4. What evidence is given in the
5. What is the conclusion of the
Important aspects of your
1. Frame the Issue
a. What is your question/hypothesis?
b. What type of information would
readers need to understand to your question and this paper? Give the
2. Evidence Gathering
a. Summarize the case study and
the article
b. Identify the evidence in both
the case study and article
c. Are their any similarities or
differences in the presented evidence?
3. Analysis
a. What is the answer to your
question or the analysis of your hypothesis given the evidence from both
b. 4. Conclusions
a. What are your conclusions
based on your analysis of the evidence and what you have learned in class?
b. Are there any implications or
limitations of your conclusions?
c. How do the conclusions apply
to your everyday life?
5. Using the case study and the
a. How does this topic or
question apply to your everyday life?
b. Are there any problems with
the evidence given in the case study or the article?
c. What conclusions can you make
about the topic or question now that you have learned about it in class and
read the case study and the article?

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