plants, cloning, hydropinics, tissue culturing, genetic engineering, and Crispr.

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plants, cloning, hydropinics, tissue culturing, genetic engineering, and Crispr.
Biotechnology Research Paper- Why.
The purpose of this paper is to have you find research to help you back up the opinions you have and more effectively defend your position to someone in disagreement. We all have said “ well they said that….” or “I heard…” and it is usually from a source that is stating an opinion instead of a fact. I want you to be able to find research and data to back up your statement or opinion. Some of you may be undecided and may still be when done with your research– this is okay. You will be explaining what you have found and conflicting information that you have found or even the lack of what you need to convince you one way or another. Each person is different and well approach it a little different.
This is a topic widely talked about and being debated in our society and around the world currently. So having you be more informed will help you to make your own decisions.
The Paper
You did writing a 1-2 paragraph or 1-2 page introduction. This is the start to your paper. You now just need to add 2-3 pages. This is something that you can send to me for me to check and see how you are doing. Remember that if you are quoting an article to make sure that you have quotations around it.
The paper needs to be 4-5 pages in length- not including the references. It needs to be single spaced or double spaced 8-10 pages. Times New Roman 12 point font. You can use MLA if you are familiar with it. Not everyone knows how to do this so I don’t require it, but if you are planning on editing to turn in for English than I would recommend this format. While this might seem long it is to encourage the use of quotes (one comic is okay IF it ties in with what you are talking about in your paper). You do need to discuss your quotes and not just plop them in there. It should not take up more than 1/4 of the page.
You can choose a title that reflects how you feel about biotechnology or even the areas that you are going to cover. Many people just call it the “Biotechnology Paper”.
You can cover many aspects of biotechnology. I would like you to make sure that you talk about plants, cloning, organic and pharmaceutical. Beyond that you may cover anything you wish. On the topics mentioned you need to state your opinion about how you feel in the last paragraph. Examples; ‘I am for all types of biotechnology’ , ‘ I am against all types of laboratory manipulation of genes, but I am okay with the production of medicines like insulin in the laboratory setting even if it is a GMO’, ‘ I am against all forms of Genetically Modified Organisms, even medical ones. I am in support of traditional breeding practices and methods that assist that like tissue culture of parent material to speed up propagation’. As a Pro/Con paper we are only asking you to give opinion at the very end. You should be using research and expert opinions in the rest to back up your opinion and present the opposite side.
Hint: each of the above subject areas can be a paragraph min in your paper. You can do them seperataly or combine them together if you want.
You need 5 references minimum. Webpages, books videos and experts in the field are all okay to use. If in doubt on experts ask me first before interviewing or quoting.
Sometimes you will find a website that has a great quote. I challenge you to go to the source of that quote. You will often find that it takes you 5-10 webpages to get to the original source! The reason I challenge you to do this is that people will often take what they want from an article or study and when you get back to the original you often find that there is more information that is relevant or that the study actually found a result that is contradictory to what everyone is quoting them as saying.
An example is a quote that many people used a few years ago came from Oprah Winfrey and New York Times. Both of these are reputable resources. I would count these on rubric as good sources. When I followed links and researched the study they were quoting mentioned some findings that they quoted but the overall result of the research was not at all what they were inferring. There are studies that have been proven false that are still being quoted as true. I challenge you to go deeper and find out more information.
Part of being an informed voter and citizen is understanding the issues. If you are going to vote on an issue or make decisions on buying and eating habits you may want to find out more about how it fits with your values and beliefs before going forward. Especially in agriculture we are blessed with great food and knowledgeable people. We have one of the best food safety programs in the world. As food is so central to our lives there are always lots of questions on how to make it better. We are always working on this and public opinion and buying habits help to shape this change also. So I encourage you to look into areas of biotechnology and food that you have always wanted to know more about.
Please download the rubric and go through it. This counts as a 2nd midterm in terms of your grade. You will turn in your paper and I will grade it. If you are not happy with the first score (rough) you can turn it in again for a final score (final). This second score replace the first score. So do not worry about the rough parts, especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve had English- we will help you through this process.
If you have any questions let me know.

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