Write a 1000-word (minimum) essay that provides a firsthand account of a person,

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Write a 1000-word (minimum) essay that provides a firsthand account of a person, place, or event.
Use strict 3rd person perspective.
• Use at least three credible sources: one from the Daytona State library database (look for sources that do not contain obvious bias and are professional and not personal
and a Works Cited page.
or commercial), one of your choice, and one an interview/observation. Use signal phrases to identify the sources that you used, and include in-text citations
• Follow MLA conventions for formatting your paper (double space, paragraph form, proper headings, etc.).
• Do not write about a family member (too close to be truly objective), someone famous (unless you know them personally), or someone deceased (no
opportunity for field research). You must be able to conduct an interview or observation for this paper.
Originality report must be 20% or less.
• An intriguing, well-focused subject: a person, place, or activity. The familiar or the exotic. Even the mundane can look interesting if you look closely and have
a unique perspective to offer. Whatever your subject, your goal is to bring out its uniqueness, show what’s amazing or fascinating about it to you.
• A vivid presentation: particularize instead of generalizing. Instead of writing about “teenagers” in general, a profiler will show us a vivid portrait of one in
particular, and leave it to readers to draw their own generalizations, if they wish.
• A dominant impression: convey your personal interpretation or impression of your subject, your own special insights–what you’ve gained by having spent
time observing the scene and talking to people. This interpretive element is what separates the profile as a “genre” from other forms of descriptive and
narrative writing, like biography. Select your details carefully and arrange them in such a way that they convey your attitude.
An engaging and informative plan: you are master of ceremonies; you control the flow of information–how much and in what order. What do you want your
readers to fully understand?

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