Here are the instructions: I wrote a proposal and I’ve included a couple of sour

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Here are the instructions:
I wrote a proposal and I’ve included a couple of sources.
Using your proposal as a springboard, write a paper with at least fifteen pages of
double-spaced text, in addition to bibliography, footnotes or endnotes, music
examples, and other illustrations.
2. Give your essay a suitable title that succinctly and elegantly identifies your topic and
3. A good paper presents a clear argument, a sequence of ideas that goes beyond a
mere assemblage of facts. In general, think in terms of a broad three-part structure:
a) a thesis, stating the problem or issue(s) you’re addressing; b) evidence and
examples that test and ultimately support your thesis; c) a conclusion in which you
sum up your findings and bring your argument to its culmination. By analogy to a
musical form, you might think of these three stages as exposition – development –
4. It’s important to pay careful attention to sources and existing literature—articles,
books, and online materials—relevant to your topic. If you are directly indebted to a
source, name it and give the author credit. General factual material available in
many sources does not need to be cited. Include a bibliography of those sources
directly related to your topic.
5. To write well is a challenge that normally entails the collection of material and notes,
then drafts of the evolving essay, and then further painstaking revision and
proofreading. A well-crafted essay builds from sentence to sentence, paragraph to
paragraph, page to page. A well-shaped paragraph typically requires an opening
topic sentence, a statement that announces and sets up the sentences that follow.
6. Do not fall into the trap of submitting rough notes on your topic in place of a proper
essay. The quality of writing and presentation is an important part of the content.
7. Aim to absorb what is already known about your chosen topic and move beyond,
seeking originality. Sparks of originality may arise through a reexamination of
common assumptions, or reassessment of controversy, or an attempt at fresh
analysis of a musical or aesthetic issue, etc.
8. When you discuss musical passages in detail, include legible examples, labeling the
pieces and passages cited, while supplying measure numbers. When discussing
musical passages, go beyond the visual notation to imagine the sound and consider
its aesthetic meaning.
9. Strive to make your essay lively and fresh, not just factual, not like a lab report or a
mere collection of elements cobbled together. Edit your writing to remove
redundancy, streamlining the flow of your prose. Make every word count!
10. A good essay should represent more than the sum of its parts.

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