World Music Performance Assignment (30 Points) (Due uploaded by: 5/27/22) Instru

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World Music Performance Assignment
(30 Points)
(Due uploaded by: 5/27/22)
Instructions: The objective of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to experience a live musical performance of music from one of the cultures studied in this class (African, Indigenous, Asian, etc.). Due to Covid-19 there are no (or very few) bay area live performances that would normally be a part of this assignment. However, you will be required to view a performance (with real musicians/singers) via Youtube (May not be a “music video”). You will identify a world Ethnic music performance that is NOT from your own cultural background. The goal is to have you venture outside of your “comfort zone” so to speak and experience a musical performance that you might not otherwise listen to/view. The performance that you choose MAY NOT be one of the examples that you viewed in any of our class Modules.
Requirements: Attend 1 live music performance (at least 1-2 full songs of a recorded live musical performance and submit a 2-3 page critical reflection along with a LINK to the performance. Your written reflection will be based on your analysis of the musical performance. Your Essay MUST address the following:
Timbre, Pitch, Rhythm, Dynamics, (refer to Chapter 2) (6 points)
Types of Instruments (Sachs-Hornbostel system, see Chapter 2) (6 points)
Melodic contour of music performed (Chapter 2) (6 points)
Phonic Structure (Chapter 2) (6 points)
Cultural Context including Etic vs. Emic (See Chapter 3) (6points)
Evaluation: Your written reflection will be graded based on how thoroughly you’ve integrated our key concepts and your ability to apply these concepts appropriately to your written analysis.
Criteria Checklist:
The following is a checklist that can help you make sure you have all required elements:
My paper is/has:
A cover page with my name, class/section, assignment, professor names, and date
List the performance event by including a working LINK to the performance.
Formatted with 1” margins all around
Typed in 12­‐point Times New Roman
Numbered on all pages
Carefully edited and proof­‐read
A clear thesis, supporting evidence from readings/lecture
A clear introduction, body and conclusion and clear paragraph structure.
Coherent and follows a clear structure that addresses all 5 requirements.
Self-Evaluation typed at the end of your essay.
Uploaded to Canvas by due date (as PDF or Word Doc, docx, doc.)
Based on all of the above, I believe I deserve the following grade and here is my reason:

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