Follow the instructions below: 1. Read the following articles: “Looking for Blac

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Follow the instructions below:
1. Read the following articles: “Looking for Black Literature” and “Does African American Literature Exist?” Use them to inform your opinions and ideas on the basic genre that is African American Literature.
2. The article, published on PEN America, discusses the placement of Black literature in our canon and in our marketplace, and how we find Black literature both individually and collectively.
Link to article:
3. Kenneth Warren’s essay published in The Chronicle of Higher Education takes on the discussion of African American Literature as its own genre, and whether or not this separation is helpful or hurtful to the discussion and exploration of Black literature within academia.
4. After reading the assigned articles, discuss your impressions on African American literature being separated by a sub-genre of literary writing. Think about your own definition of ‘African American literature and the connections between mainstream literature, historical contexts, and cultural implications regarding contemporary African American writers. Share examples of writers, novels, stories, or articles that supplement your comments. Also, be sure to reference the writers and their analyses from the assigned readings (CITE the authors in your post).
5. I have already begun to write the paper. Please read make any necessary changes and append as you see fit by using only the two sources (articles) I have provided, and NO OTHER.
6. MLA format only
7. For the Essay, a minimum of 400 words – 500 words max.
8. Lastly, I uploaded two of my classmates’ posts, please reply to each of 50-100 words maximum. Reply with using Response 1 and their name & Response 2 and their name.

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