this paper requests 3,000 but I wrote 2 page. I just need 3.5 more pages. I att

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this paper requests 3,000 but I wrote 2 page. I just need 3.5 more pages.
I attached instruction below
Writing Project
This will be a professional-level written report on a scholarly topic of your interest that is related to any
element of the course content. There is an extensive body of research on aerodynamics, airfoils, high and
low speed flight, wing design, etc., and countless applications within and outside of aviation.
You must meet with me to share an overview of your selected topic, the relevance of the topic to the class
content, and how your work can further everyone’s learning and growth within aviation or in the
application of aviation-related concepts. Minimum length of the paper is 3,000 – 4,000 words (not
including graphics, illustrations, tables, etc. or bibliography), single-space typed. Through the writing
assignment you will be expected to
A. gather appropriate background information on the topic.
B. access full text, abstracted, and multimedia information in both physical and electronic form.
C. assess the veracity of various sources of information.
D. understand the differences between popular and scholarly information as well as the differences
among primary, secondary, and tertiary sources.
E. understand and apply scholarly norms regarding the appropriate citation and quotation of
information sources.
F. prepare texts and accompanying graphics using an appropriate technical resource or application.
Class presentations will be delivered virtually: Students will record their presentation and submit the video
to me for review.

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